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You are visiting Leonardo in Turkey

Human Resources Policy

We conduct our recruitment process according to the principle of correct person to correct job and we make sure to select candidates who are respectful to himself and the environment, renovative, who can motivate himself, and who are compliant to our corporate culture, together with technical qualification.

All of the Leonardo Turkey Employees have the equal rights and opportunities to the required training in line with their jobs, for their individual development.

Our managers provide leadership with the awareness of their obligation towards providing all kinds of constructive solutions to every problem our Employees may encounter in fulfilling their responsibilities and identified targets.

Each Leonardo Turkey Employee has equal degree of career opportunity, as long as he fulfills the required criteria.

Entire relations and work are done with “Open Communication” principle. The Administrators and Employees are responsible of success of this principle.

Being aware of the fact that each one of our employees is an individual, we conduct the entire Human Resources Processes on the basis of respect to the private lives and rights of each one of our employees. It is very important that we run all of our relations within the company based on Respect and Trust.