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LEONARDO TURKEY Aerospace Defence and Security Systems Inc., a subsidary of LEONARDO, has been established in 1988 to manufacture secure and anti-jam HF/SSB radios for Turkish Armed Forces. The manufacturing facilities has been established in 1992 at Gölbaşı-Ankara/Turkey, with 4,500 m2 covered area on total area of 30,000 sq meters. During 1989 and 1997, thousands of HF Radios has been manufactured and delivered to Turkish Armed Forces.

LEONARDO TURKEY performs design, development, production, test, integration and logistics support activities on Defence, Aerospace and Security Sectors, in line with ISO9001:2015, AS9100:2016 and EASA Part 21 Subpart G (POA) quality standards.

LEONARDO TURKEY has successfully accomplished Integrated Communication Systems for several projects, such as Modernization of Communication Systems of Turkish Naval Forces’ İzmir, İstanbul and Çanakkale Shore Stations in 1997 and Modernization of Doğan Class Fast Patrol Boats in 1998, which are all in service at Turkish Navy. Additionally, LEONARDO TURKEY has modernised the Internal Communication Systemof Turkish Naval Forces’ frigates within the scope of GENESIS Project, as a subcontractor of HAVELSAN and AYESAŞ.

Besides, Integrated Communication Systems of Search and Rescue Ships (4 each) of Turkish Coast Guard Comm. have been designed, manufactured and delivered by LEONARDO TURKEY as a subcontractor of ASELSAN. LEONARDO TURKEY has also manufactured communication equipment for Tactical Area Communications System (TASMUS) of the Turkish Armed Forces. Moreover, LEONARDO TURKEY has developed, manufactured and delivered Message Handling Systems for Coast Guard Command’s Search and Rescue Ships, 16 ea. New Type Patrol Boats for the Turkish Naval Forces and 8 ea. for Turkmenistan Armed Forces, Moship/Kuryed and Logistic Support Ships.

LEONARDO TURKEY utilised its deep knowledge and experience on Military Communication Systems for the design, development, production, test, integration and installation on board of HF Power Amplifier, HF Antenna Tuning Unit, Pre-Post Selector and Power Supply for Turkish Armed Forces’ Software Defined Radio and High Power Transmitters (5-10kW) Project, as a subcontractor of ASELSAN.

Besides, LEONARDO TURKEY has also offered cost effective and reliable solutions for Integrated Security, Public Safety, and Emergency Communications too.

Addition to Communication Systems, within the year of 2005, being awarded as the contractor for the provision of Internal/External Lighting Systems of European scale Future Large Aircraft A400M Program, the first step for gaining capability relating to the design and production of Aircraft Lighting Systems has been also taken by LEONARDO TURKEY.

In addition to successfully continuing development and manufacturing at A400M project; Internal & External Lighting Systems NVIS (Night Vision Instrumentation System) Conversion of the Turkish Air Force C-130 Aircrafts; and development and manufacturing of Internal & External Lighting Systems and Cockpit Control Panels for HÜRKUŞ - Turkish Basic Training Aircraft have been realized by LEONARDO TURKEY, as subcontractor of Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc. (TA).

LEONARDO TURKEY’ success in designing and producing NVG Compatible Control Panels is continuing by design, development and manufacturing of Control Panels and Dimmer Unit for GÖKBEY Project, under TA; and various Control Panels for ASELSAN’s several avionic equipment.

LEONARDO TURKEY has also awarded a contract by IAMCO, prime contractor of NATO, for the provision of depot level maintenance service for V/UHF Communications Systems and IFF Interrogator of NATO AWACS fleet. Moreover, LEONARDO TURKEY also provides maintenance service for NATO Radars deployed in Turkey.

LEONARDO TURKEY, along with its indigeneous product portfolio and capabilities, by having a full access to the LEONARDO SpA’s unique and wide product portfolio, know-how and technical support, is offering customized, cost effective and reliable solutions in Turkey, for more than 30 years in Aerospace, Defence and Security Sectors and continuously improving its value creating and proposition to its Turkish Customers, partners and all shareholders.

Products and Services provided by LEONARDO TURKEY are as follows;

• Internal and External NVIS Compatible Lighting Systems and NVIS Conversions for Air and Land Platforms
• Control Panels for Air and Land Platforms
• Communication Products and Peripherals for Air Platforms
• Land and Naval Communication Systems, Products and Peripheral Units
• Military Message Handling Systems
• Integrated Security & Emergency Communication Systems
• Rack Type/Mini Military Computers

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